The S-wings Concept

THE S-WINGS CONCEPT – A dynamic design inspired by nature

The S-wings Biomimetic design gives unique mechanic properties. The shape of the trailing arm allows the water flow to twist it when the board angles during the carves.

This angle gives the drive direction with a lot of stability, when the surfer release his feet pressure, the fin come back to its original shape with a coil effect giving forward propulsion like the fish fin acceleration.

A longer trailing arm means more propulsion for intermediate level surfers.

Shorter trailing arm are less propulsive, allows to cut trajectories for the more experienced surfers looking for performances with controm and more speed than classic fins.

The propulsion is enhanced with two lateral S-wings.
When there is only one central S-wings pivot is find when the rear foot is over it, when the surfer walk to the nose the S-wings does not oscillate anymore, bringing stability for doing long nose-rides even in turbulent waters.

Hang-tens for everybody !!!

This disruptive design can be compared to the Parabolic Ski revolution which have facilitated the sport of Skiing,

The S-wings facilitates the sport of Surfing:

modifying each Surboard reactions following the prescription of each S-wings models with the surfers weight, the surfboards dimensions and the waves program.

More drive, more control, more speed, more power, less effort !!!



The S-wings fins are available in different sizes to fit all kind of Surf, Sup and Kite boards and in different flexibilities to fit the waves conditions. Also, there is a color code to find the right flexibility for your fins! 

GREENVery flexible, they are the most propulsive, the speed is enhanced with every turn and impulsion of the surfer. To be used in small clean waves for light foot surfers.

ORANGE: Medium Flex, perfect for point break and winter bumpy conditions. Excellent trajectory control and propulsion (less than the Green). Very good for heavy foot surfers.

RED: more stiffness than the Orange with the UD carbon fiber reinforcement along the trailing arm axis. They are designed for power surfers tube riding and big wave  and for the chargers who are looking for the Quad control with Trifin pivotal quality in powerful waves.

PURPLE: The stiffest versions made out of high-end G10 epoxy panel (Twin520Purple, Tow440). For heavier surfers in powerful waves.


Generate speed in slow waves, Speed control in fast waves


Twin Fins


The S-wings concept as Twin fins. Propulsion control pivot and speed like never seen before.

  • TWIN520 / The high performance twin set
  • KEEL480 / The fins for your retro twin, more surface, more drive





  • PRO440 / New school high performance thruster you need
  • SW500 / Performance and propulsion

The most versatile for the performances boards. Good as front Quad with 3.5″” rear Quad for Shortboard and Guns and also as 2+1 set -up with 4″ to 5″ USbox center fin.

  • SW540 / 1st Surf  Facilitator 

The most propulsive, the S-wings effect at its best ! Excellent for the easy going Trifin / Egg or wide tail shortboard and the Sup. To be used with the S-wings 3.2″ center fin to have smaller overall surface to allow shorter radius turns.

The SW540 allow a quick learning curve for the beginners as they are activated easily when the surfer begin to modulate is weight, he feels right away the effects of his feet / legs actions and understand quickly how to generate speed.


USbox / Single 

All the S-wings USbox centerfin are sold with a manual screw to be able to adjust the fin positioning in the water during your session to find the sweet spot. The S-wings trailing arm accentuates your board control and drive. 

Its up to you to install it further up to do short radius turns in small waves or further back to have more control and drive in bigger and powerful waves.

Nose rides are facilitated because of the trailing arm which help to keep the right line and enhances stability when you are in the front half of you board while you have great manoeuvrability and propulsion when you are on the back of your board above the fin.



One of the advantage of the S-wings fins concept is that during a Surftrip, you can travel with one or two boards max and change your S-wings fins to adapt to fast changing swell conditions following the color code to modify the behaviour of your boards to have more propulsion and trajectory control or foam ball control and high line tube rides.